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Custom Made Footwear

custom footwear ottawa

At Healthy Steps, we take pride in offering high-quality custom made footwear designed to address specific needs such as:

  • Support for structural deformities
  • Support for diabetic Charcot foot
  • Support for severe arthritis
  • Support greater mobility
  • Aiding in the healing process
  • Preventing injuries

We utilize the highest-quality craftsmanship from industry-leading providers with a focus on perfect fit and function, helping to increase your overall quality of life.

Footwear Modification: Understanding Your Options

Our expert team of certified pedorthists is able to offer an in-depth assessment of your health, goals, challenges and foot structure to create modifications to your footwear. Our goal is to always improve foot function and comfort, particularly for those with limited mobility due to arthritis, diabetes complications, and other chronic or neurological conditions.

We can offer a number of essential modifications in order to support improved health, including:

  • Spot stretching to relieve pressure on specific areas of the foot.
  • Metatarsal pad addition to support the metatarsal arch.
  • Scaphoid pad/arch support addition to the medial longitudinal arch of the shoe.
  • Lifts to compensate for differences in leg length (internal lifts or external lifts).
  • Rocker soles to reduce motion limitation and improve function and gait patterns.
  • Buttresses and flares to increase stability.
  • Sole splitting and widening.
  • The addition of a carbon fibre sole plate to minimize shoe flexing.
custom footwear ottawa
custom made footwear ottawa



We work with Afana Pouliot and Steenwyk Custom Shoes using modern technology and handcrafted care to create the perfect footwear.

custom made footwear ottawa