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There are many different types of hip pain and often, the pain doesn’t originate in the hip itself. The issue is usually with the hip joint and the pain can be in the groin or down the side of the leg. Problems with the hip can also lead to pain elsewhere in the body, like the lower back or lower legs, ankles, and feet

People often make the mistake of assuming that hip problems always originate in the hip, but that is not the case. In fact issues in the feet and ankles, for example, can lead to extra stress on the hip joint. 

Different Types Of Hip Pain

Many conditions can lead to hip pain and they are caused by several factors. 


The tendons and ligaments in the hip are surrounded by a fluid sack called a bursa. This prevents friction in areas where the bone comes into contact with the tendons and ligaments. Many people that suffer from hip pain have a condition called Bursitis, which is caused by inflammation of the bursa. 


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is often the cause of hip pain. When the cartilage at the end of the bones wears down, the bones rub together, causing a lot of pain. Osteoarthritis can affect any joints in the body but it is very common in the hips. 


The tendons that attach the muscles to the bones can become inflamed, leading to hip pain. In many cases, this is due to overuse and repetitive movements that put stress on the hips. 

What Causes Hip Pain?

Hip pain occurs for a number of different reasons and the conditions that are listed above are made more likely by certain factors. 

Heavy impact on the hip joints, caused by exercise or repetitive movements, causes a lot of wear and tear, which can develop into more serious issues like Tendinitis or Bursitis. Muscle imbalance and tightness is often the main contributor to hip pain. This problem is exacerbated in people that have difficulties with the shape or mechanics of their feet. 

Overpronation and supination are often one of the root causes of damage to the hip. If you have flat feet, your foot will roll inwards when you walk and this is known as overpronation. Supination, on the other hand, is caused by high arches making the foot roll outwards. Both overpronation and supination put extra stress on the hip joints and increase the chances of hip pain. 

How Can Hip Pain Be Prevented?

Managing the level of impact that your joints sustain is the best way to prevent hip pain and custom orthotics are one of the best ways to do that. Custom inserts can be used to improve the alignment of the legs in people who have high or low arches and suffer from supination and overpronation when walking or running. Core strengthening exercises are important to help gain stability around the hip along with specific stretches to gain more flexibility. 

Healthy Steps can examine your feet and use 3D laser scanning technology or manually cast your feet to design and manufacture specialist custom orthotics to help alleviate and prevent hip pain. 

If you have any concerns about hip pain, contact Healthy Steps today and we can talk you through the process of having custom orthotics made.