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Orthopedist Conducts Exam on patients foot for custom orthotics fitting

Why Do You Need Custom Orthotics?

July 27, 2023

Why Do You Need Custom Orthotics? You may be tempted to buy cheap store-bought insoles if you have foot pain or discomfort. But these can make things worse.  If your foot is supported correctly and stable, it’s more likely to be more comfortable and less prone to injury. That’s why custom orthotics are a better…

Man experiencing pain in ball of foot

8 Surprising Causes of Foot Pain

May 30, 2023

Foot pain isn’t always a sign that you’ve injured yourself. It can be caused by various problems, from improper footwear to poor circulation. The good news is that you can do many things to reduce your risk of foot pain. Here are some surprising causes of foot pain and how to prevent them: Improper footwear…

Pedorthist diagnosed pain in the foot, health problems

What is a Pedorthist?

May 29, 2023

A Pedorthist is educated to treat and manage foot and lower leg problems. They evaluate, fit, and provide custom footwear and other devices to treat conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, and Morton’s neuroma.  Who Do Pedorthist Work With Pedorthists also work with individuals with poor toe alignment or other foot conditions affecting their ability to…

Woman rubbing her ankle

How Long Should You Wear an Ankle Brace?

November 11, 2022

Having strong ankles is vital because they are crucial to bearing our body’s weight, and help protect us from lower leg injuries. Not everyone has strong ankles though and many people use an ankle brace to provide extra support to this region of the body. Of course, a common question from ankle brace users is…

How to Choose and Use Compression Stockings

March 22, 2022

Compression stockings are designed to reduce swelling and prevent discomfort. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to choose the right compression stockings and offer some tips to get the best results. How to choose compression stockings There is a diverse range of compression stockings available. Compression socks can be beneficial for people with a broad…

custom foot orthotics

How do I know if I need custom foot orthotics?

March 7, 2022

You don’t need to resign yourself to live with foot and ankle pain. Even if you spend most of your time on your feet, suffering should not be a way of life. Whether you have a foot condition like hammertoes, bunions, corns, calluses or tense muscles, custom orthotics can help reduce the pain and discomfort…

How to find a great pedorthist

January 12, 2022

Your feet are the foundation for your body. They offer essential support that can impact the rest of your alignment. It’s easy to understand how problems with your feet can have an adverse effect on the rest of your body, including pains and muscle aches. While some people may get used to the aches and…

When to Consult a Podiatrist vs. a Pedorthist

December 14, 2021

Foot pain is not fun, and it can make your life difficult. Depending on your occupation, most people spend at least four hours or more standing. When it becomes painful to even spend a few minutes on your feet, it can cause major problems. But you may not know who to see to get your…

compression therapy

The benefits of compression therapy

November 28, 2021

Our bodies are well-built machines. We often take for granted how easily they function. Until we experience some pain or discomfort. And when your feet or legs ache, it can be unbearable. You’re no longer able to do the things you did before. Your blood circulation plays a crucial role in your overall health. Did…

Vitamin D, are we getting enough?

October 4, 2021

As we head into the fall and winter months with less sunshine it’s important to make sure you are meeting your vitamin D requirements.  As a dietitian at Healthy Steps assessing a client’s supplement needs is part of what I do.  Too little vitamin D can lead to calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood…