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For many fitness enthusiasts in Ottawa, running is more than a sport—it's a passion, a lifestyle that brings energy, balance, and well-being. Pedorthist. Woman Massaging Her Painful Foot While Running

But the onset of an injury can disrupt this pursuit of health and the runner's high. At Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic, our Canadian-certified pedorthists specialize in preventing and managing foot-related ailments. 

By coupling clinical expertise with a personal touch, we're helping Ottawa's running community stay injury-free through personalized care and proven strategies.

The Foundations of Injury Prevention: Proper Support and Alignment

Before pounding the pavement or exploring the trails, laying the foundation for injury prevention is crucial. 

Feet are as individual as faces; no two are alike, not even on the same body. Therefore, customization in support and alignment is critical. 

Healthy Steps leads in this regard, employing advanced 3D scanning technology and traditional plaster casting to create orthotics specifically shaped to your feet. 

Unlike store-bought inserts, these orthotics are engineered to conform perfectly to your arches, heels, and foot contours, ensuring your biomechanics are optimized with each step.

Biomechanical and Gait Analysis: Decoding Your Movement

Injury prevention continues with understanding the uniqueness of your gait. A meticulous biomechanical and gait analysis is at the heart of what we do. 

Our pedorthists observe and assess your movement, identifying any signs of imbalance or unusual patterns that may predispose you to injury. 

The diligent analysis uncovers issues—from minor quirks to significant abnormalities—that custom orthotics, proper footwear, or targeted strength and flexibility exercises can help address.

Footwear: The Gateway to a Pain-Free Run

In addition to custom orthotics, selecting the right footwear is paramount. Healthy Steps' pedorthists guide you through understanding your foot type, providing crucial insights that empower you to make informed selections. 

This personalized approach helps identify which features in a running shoe will support your specific biomechanics, such as cushioning, stability, or motion control. 

The right shoes act as the first layer of shock absorption and support, attenuating the repeated impacts of running, which can lead to common ailments like shin splints, a runner's knee, and Achilles tendinitis.

Fortifying Your Body: Strength, Flexibility, and Nutrition

Prevention is a multi-faceted concept at Healthy Steps. Beyond footwear and orthotics, we encourage a holistic approach. 

Strength and flexibility training are pillars of an injury-prevention plan; they enhance your body's resilience and adaptability. 

Strong, supple muscles absorb shock better and support joints effectively, reducing the force transferred to your feet.

Our in-house registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Alia Khudhair-Gilmer, adds to the whole-body approach. 

Nutritional counselling plays a critical role in an athlete's life. The right balance of macronutrients, vitamins, and hydration replenishes stores depleted during runs, aids in the repair of torn muscle fibres, and contributes to overall recovery. 

Without proper nutrition, the body's ability to recover is compromised, increasing the risk of overuse injuries.

Recovery and Rest: The Silent Heroes of Training

Your post-run routine is as crucial as the run itself. Recovery modalities, including compression therapy, ice baths, or simply elevating your legs, help reduce inflammation and facilitate muscular repair. 

Rest days are equally important—when the body heals and adapts to training stresses.

At Healthy Steps, we advocate for a recovery-focused mindset. Our array of bracing and compression solutions aids in both immediate post-exercise recovery and long-term injury management, ensuring that you bounce back faster and stronger from each run.

Education and Continuous Learning: Key to Injury-Free Running

Education is the cornerstone of prevention, and at Healthy Steps, we are committed to sharing our knowledge. 

By keeping you well-informed about the latest research in foot health and running safety, we empower you to recognize early signs of injury and understand the best practices for safe running. 

With ongoing research constantly emerging, we actively stay at the forefront of pedorthic advances, ensuring our advice remains cutting-edge, validated by science, and applicable in everyday settings.

Beyond the Clinic Doors: Fostering a Healthy Running Community

Our commitment extends beyond our clinic. We strive to foster an educated and health-minded running community in Ottawa. Pedorthist. Barefoot Child Running On Sandy Beach.

We promote safe running practices and injury prevention strategies through workshops, group partnerships, and community events.

At Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic, your running journey is our priority. From custom foot orthotics to comprehensive assessments and injury-prevention education, we are dedicated to supporting your goals at every step. 


With expert guidance and a suite of supportive services, we're here to ensure that you can enjoy the open road or rugged trails without the setback of injury.

Visit Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic today to embark on a personalized injury prevention journey for a healthier, happier running experience. Book your appointment, and let us elevate your performance with every healthy step you take.

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