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The Benefits of Using Rock TapeGetting back into a sport or activity after the long winter? Training for a charity run or walk? Rock tape can provide the relief you are looking for to stay in the game. Convenient to carry, easy to apply and powerfully effective in its results, kinesiology tape is commonly used for plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, knee pain and other overuse injuries. RockTape helps promote healing by restoring natural blood flow from tendons to muscles; it is one of the great products we use to help our clients stay mobile and active.

RockTape is a unique kinesiology sports tape that features a wave pattern which runs the length of the tape, mimicking the Myofascial Layer just under the skin. An added bonus, it’s latex free!

RockTape helps support your body while allowing full range of motion. When applied to stretched skin it decompresses the pain receptors below lymph vessels and blood vessels. As an effective tool to help decrease pain it decompresses tissue and provides stimulus that improves body awareness and alignment. You may have seen it on our athletes at the Olympics helping them to perform at their best.

Use RockTape at the initial start of ligament instability and muscle soreness-fatigue due to overuse or tendon strain. We have been using RockTape in the clinic for over 2 years and are still amazed at the relief our clients have after they are taped. This is a great recovery product option to use while waiting for your othotics to be made or in conjunction with other treatments. Although it may have started out in the sports community with athletes it is used for all ages and activity levels so don’t hesitate to come in to the clinic so we can show you how it works and how you can apply it yourself.